Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center, Phoenix AZ
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Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Auxiliary (AMWCA)

Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center receives hundreds of animals annually. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and the support of the public, we successfully return 70% back into the wild. The Center operates on a limited budget from the Heritage Fund and private donations. The AMWC Auxiliary raises money to support the daily needs of the animals at the Center and helps ensure the extra resources will be available during times of environmental disasters such as wild fires, floods and drought. Your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.
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30 year anniversary of Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center

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Racoon Rescued from Yarnell Fire Rehabilitated at Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center

A tiny raccoon's sheer determination and will to survive the Yarnell Hill wildfire offers an inspiration to all those struggling to recover from the devastating disaster.

The young adult female wandered into a Yarnell couple's home three weeks after the wildfire exploded into town June 30. All its paws and lower legs were burned. Read the Article at The Daily Courier

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